Nournish Me final (no back) - Vicky

Nourish Me is a Nutrition Coaching service that allows people of all shapes, sizes and abilities to live a happy, healthy and energetic life.
I believe that when you begin to use food as nourishment instead of eating what ever is available (including getting lunch from the local dairy), you begin to really notice changes in not only your body but your mind as well - this is where the real changes start happening!

Nourish Me isn't about making eating difficult either. We will work together to create good eating habits to suit your lifestyle!
Love your morning coffee? Great! You can keep it, as long as it isn't followed by many more throughout the day.

It's important to acknowledge that EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT! There is no one fix all "diet".
Nourish Me is about creating a plan around nutrition and well-being to keep you satisfied, compliment your life, and make you feel more comfortable and energetic in your own skin. I will guide and support you - It's my passion to make you feel better!

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"I was training hard for a half Ironman, and wanted to ‘get into shape’ for the event – but nothing I tried  worked.  I didn’t have a lot of energy, I was hungry a lot, I wasn’t losing weight, and I was anxious about my race.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I contacted Vicky, but I immediately liked her bubbly positive personality.  I was surprised when her food plan had me eating more food (but it was the right food!), allowed ‘treats’, was flexible, and carefully got me ‘loading’ before events.  In the end my season grew to a half marathon, 2 half Ironmans and 3 ocean swims!… all while holding down a busy full time job.  She got me into good nutrition  habits and we had great results - the scales moved down, I was able to wear dresses I have not been able to fit for at least two years, AND I raced really well. And she taught me how to continue to do this on my own.  Thank you Vicky, thank you so much."  - Winnie C*

“Vicky is fantastic! She is inspirational and also lives in the real world - so she has practical advice. Whenever I'm feeling a bit lost on the nutritional front, she lifts me up and gives me great tips. Vicky's positive attitude and knowledge is motivating and uplifting. I highly recommend her if you need help finding better ways to get the fuel you need to support your busy life.” -  Miranda M

“Just wanted to say that I am really enjoying your Nutritional Plan you sorted for me - I love the fact the plan includes my favourite foods and the other options are extremely palatable and have been easy to introduce into my busy lifestyle, especially for someone who did not eat regularly.
Apart from the positive changes I see in my body, as you know I suffered from the discomfort of daily heart-burn/reflux problems, of which I was prescribed Losec from my Doctor.
Following your assessment of my food plan you identified this problem arose from me “not eating” or stretching far too many hours in between meals. As a result of your Nutritional Plan, and the regular meals, I am thrilled to say that I no longer have the heat-burn problem, so no medication is required and I also have renewed energy levels etc. Thank you so much” 
- Jan P.*