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Keeping fit and well into your later years here in the Hutt Valley

Caring for yourself as you age gracefully

We all need a little tender loving care - here are some tips on caring for ourselves as we age.

Advice for age-related health issues

If you are concerned about a health issue you can get free advice anytime, day or night, by ringing the Healthline - phone 0800 611 166 to talk confidentially to a registered nurse anytime you need to. 

Eldernet is a comprehensive website packed with essential information for older people. If you would like a copy of the booklet "Where from Here" phone 0800 162 706 or ask your GP or health provider if they have a copy. 

Immunisation for years 65+

Did you know once you are 65 years young you are entitled to a free Diphtheria/Tetanus booster and yearly flu vaccinations? Talk to your local doctor or find out more on the Ministry of Health website.

      Health self care for seniors and elderly in Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt

Taita-based ‘Local Hero’ award winner Rev. Charles Noanoa. Photo kindly supplied by Hutt News

Food and nutrition for seniors

Healthy eating is even more important after 65 as it delays specific age-related diseases like osteoporosis, heart diseases and diabetes. 

Visit HealthEd for nutrition information for senior health (free booklets). is worth a visit too.

Are you tired of shopping or cooking for yourself? Here are some options you might like to consider: 

  • Online shopping is handy if you or your family have access to a computer. Some local supermarkets offering online ordering and delivery in the Hutt Valley are Pak'n'Sav, Countdown and Urban Harvest
  • for healthy meals ordered online and delivered to your door
  • Ezee meals for low cost meals prepared by Wellington Centre Mission and available from locations in Hutt Valley
  • Meals on Wheels for hot meals delivered Monday to Friday. You will need a referral from your doctor, social worker or hospital. Lower Hutt phone 04 570 9148, Upper Hutt phone 04 528 9162
  • My food bag: let Nadia Lim, NZ masterchef, design inspiring recipes for you each week then have all the premium produce delivered right to your door for you to enjoy cooking and eating!
  • Take them a meal if you'd like to set up a meal roster for a friend this website helps with the organising
  • Watsonia Meals on Wheels provide meals to Lower Hutt Valley floor (excludes Wainuiomata, Eastbourne or Upper Hutt), phone 04 568 7979.

Exercising to stay healthy in your later years

Staying active and fit as we age offers so many rewards, one of which is avoiding the age old problem of falling!

Any exercise is good exercise but if you need something gentle you could try Tai chi to improve your balance, lower blood pressure, promote relaxation .... sounds too good to be true! And it is fun to do!
Find a Tai Chi class near you. 

Tai Chi not for you? Visit our activities page for seniors to find a range of group activities near you. If you're fit and active, you might want to see more options on the following pages: sports clubsdance classes and outdoor activities.  

Hearing impairment solutions for seniors

Life Unlimited Hearing Therapy offers a free service for anyone aged 16 or older. It is funded by the Ministry of Health for NZ citizens & permanent residents. Contact Susan Lennie to discuss solutions for both in & outside your home. Ph 04 499 5851 or 021 820 669

NZ Relay offers a free telecommunications service for people who are deaf, hearing-impaired, deaf-blind, or speech-impaired. You can use NZ Relay to make telephone calls to family, businesses, government ministries—anyone who has a phone. Its free for local and national calls.

Vision impairment and equipment for seniors

As we age it is very important to have regular comprehensive eye examinations with an optometrist  for early detection of age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma and low vision effects. 

You'll find lots of useful information on the following websites NZ Assn of Optometrists, Visit Age concern to read more and support their petition for the government to provide free annual eye checks for people 65+ and the Royal Foundation for the Blind for more information.

Equipment is available free from the Ministry of Health for people suffering blindness or reduced vision eg. mobility canes, screen-reading software, magnifiers and glasses. You will need to go to an approved optometrist for a needs assessment. 

Find an optometrist in the Hutt Valley who can prescribe eye medicines.

Mobile hairdressers in Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt

If getting to the hairdresser is a hassle then you might consider using a mobile hairdresser. Here are some options in the Hutt Valley -

  • Pretty as a Pie women's cut and blowwave is $40 and men's cut, blowdry and style is $30. No additional travel cost if in the Hutt Valley, small travel surcharges may apply for services outside of the Hutt Valley. Ph 04 528 4078 or 027 386 3550, email
  • Upper Hutt area – Lynda ph 526 7510 or 027 4401954

Footcare and mobile podiatrists in Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt

Good foot care is important as we age and especially for sufferers of diabetes or gout. If you are a diabetic you can access free or subsidised foot care once you've been assessed and approved by Hutt Hospital - refer to your GP or podiatrist. 

Avalon Podiatry Clinic, 841 High Street Avalon offers mobile services throughout the Hutt Valley. Cost is $70 for a home visit. Ph 04 567 5916 or email.

Hutt Foot Clinic, 66 Bloomfield Terrace, Lower Hutt 04 566 7586 or email for an appointment.

Dental care for seniors in the Hutt Valley

Hutt Valley District Health Board provides a limited service for patients who hold a current Community Services Card and cannot access care from the private sector because of financial constraints. There is a small fee for dental services at Hutt Hospital open 1st and last Monday of each month.

Health equipment and aids for seniors

Hearing Aids

Visit Hearing Assn NZ to find out about local suppliers of hearing aids ph 04 567 8036, 342 Waiwhetu Road Lower Hutt. 

 Freedom AlarmsMedical alarms and bracelets

If living independently is important to you but you have a health condition then a medical alarm can give you the assurance of accessing emergency assistance if required. Ask your doctor if you are entitled to a WINZ benefit to cover the cost of medical alarm rental and monitoring.

Providers of medic alarms in the Hutt Valley - 

Providers of medical bracelets in the Hutt Valley - 

Equipment and aids

Mobility Centre, locate in Epuni 103 Copeland Street, has Wellington's largest range of mobility and healthcare equipment. Visit the shop or trial the product in the comfort of your own residence anywhere throughout the greater Wellington region. Contact ph (04) 577 1188 or 0800 2 GET MOBILE (0800 243 866)

Proremed: online store where you can purchase a wide range of equipment and aids to give comfort and mobility to those in late adulthood.

Life Unlimited offers services and equipment to encourage independence for those with mobility restrictions and disabilities.  Do the online hearing test or visit the online store for hiring or purchasing equipment in the kitchen, bathroom, lounge and bedroom.

Support and home care for seniors in Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt

Getting the right help and support early absolutely promotes your longterm independence and recovery. 

Even if you have high complex needs you can still choose to remain living at home with help from the many community service groups in the Hutt Valley.

Go to the support page for a comprehensice list of support agencies for elderly in the Hutt Valley. You'll find-

Elder financial abuse and online scams

Many seniors do not realize the value of their assets, particularly if their homes have appreciated markedly. Sadly, elderly are vulnerable to being financially abused by their own families, friends and associates. Older people are also attractive targets for scams.

If you are at all concerned that you are being abused financially contact Age Concern elder abuse who can advocate on your behalf
Ph Sheila Reed 04 499 6646 

Here is a list of elder financial abuse indicators that you or your family member may be experiencing. 

NZ Police has information on internet scams.

Residential care in the Hutt Valley

When is residential care a good idea?

Deciding when to go into residential care can be difficult for seniors and their family. It's distressing witnessing a decline in daily living activities such as inadequate meals, dehydration, dressing, taking a bath or shower, using the toilet, coping and decision making. 

Most people prefer to remain in their own home with community support but there are times when it is necessary to move to another level of support. If you are concerned speak with your family or doctor.

Getting a needs assessment for funded residential care

If you are considering residential care your first step is to have a needs assessment. A comprehensive needs assessment is required even if you are going into a public hospital. The assessment will determine your eligibility for funded aged residential care.

Contact Hutt Valley Service Co-ordination Centre for a needs assessment in the Hutt Valley - phone 04 566 2226. 

Visit here for a list of retirement villages and residential care and resthomes in the Hutt Valley

Subsidies for health care

  • Community services card - you may be entitled to a Community Services Card to help cover costs for health care. Phone WINZ for an application form on 0800 999 999 email War veterans are entitled to a community services card.
  • High use health card - if you don’t qualify for a Community Services Card, you may be able to get the High Use Health Card if you visit the doctor often for an ongoing medical condition (12 times or more in the last 12 months). Talk to your doctor.
  • Pharmaceutical subsidy card -if you and your family collect 20 subsidised prescription items in a year all further prescriptions of fully subsidised pharmaceuticals are free for the rest of the year (1 February-31 January). Check your receipts and ask your pharmacist about this. 
  • Disability allowance is a weekly payment for people who have regular, ongoing costs because of a disability, such as visits to the doctor or hospital, medicines, medical alarms, extra clothing or travel. Ph WINZ 0800 552 002
  • Residential care subsidy - if you need long-term residential care in a hospital or rest home, you may be able to get a Residential Care Subsidy from the Ministry of Health to help with the cost of this care. The subsidy is paid directly to the hospital or rest home by the Ministry of Health. Ph WINZ 0800 999 727
  • Residential support subsidy - Ph WINZ 0800 999 779
  • Special disability allowance - a weekly payment for people who have a spouse or partner who is in a hospital or rest home (for at least 13 weeks) or who is getting a Residential Care Subsidy. It is paid to the spouse or partner who is not in care to help with the extra costs of having their spouse or partner in care. Ph WINZ 0800 552 002
  • Supported living payment is assistance for people who have, or are caring for someone with a health condition, injury or disability. Ph WINZ 0800 552 002
  • Funeral grant can help with some of the funeral costs of someone close to you who has died. Ph WINZ 0800 552 002

Hospital and palliative care in the Hutt Valley

Lower Hutt 

Boulcott Hospital
High Street 
Lower Hutt
Private hospital Ph 04 569 7555 or 0800 BOULCOTT (0800 268 526)
Hutt Valley Hospital
622 High Street
Lower Hutt 5010 
Public hospital  Ph ‎04 566 6999 
Te Omanga Hospice
136 Woburn Road
Lower Hutt, 5010
Palliative care  Ph 04 566 4535 email

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