Free Wi-Fi zones

Spark Wi-Fi zones

Lower Hutt City

  • 61 Hutt Road, payphone outside Petone Railway Station, Petone
  • 205 Jackson Street, payphone outside NZ Post, Petone
  • 127 Dowse Drive, payphone outside Bookshop, Maungaraki
  • 2 Hutt Road, Station Village, Lower Hutt
  • Cambridge Terrace, payphone outside Woburn Railway Station, Lower Hutt
  • 1 Collingwood Sreet corner of Trafalgar Square, Waterloo, Lower Hutt
  • 1 Andrews Avenue, payphone outside NZ Post, Lower Hutt
  • Bunny Street, Queens Gate Mall, payphone opposite Service Lane, Lower Hutt
  • High Street, Lower Hutt Hospital, Main Foyer payphone
  • 104 Pharazyn Street, payphone outside Melling Railway Station, Lower Hutt
  • 22 Queen Street, payphone outside BNZ Bank,Wainuiomata
  • 548 High Street, payphone outside Street Orans College, Lower Hutt
  • High Street, Lower Hutt Hospital, L4 Orthopedic Ward payphone
  • Mitchell Street corner High Street, payphone outside Medical Centre, Lower Hutt
  • Oxford Terrace, payphone outside Epuni Railway Station, Epuni, Lower Hutt
  • 802 High Street corner of Park Avenue, payphone outside Shops, Avalon
  • 50 Cambridge Terrace Naenae Shop Centre, payphone opposite Library, Lower Hutt
  • 2 Taine Street, payphone outside Taita Dairy, Taita

Upper Hutt City

  • 434 Fergusson Drive, Z Trentham Forecourt, Upper Hutt
  • 189 Main Street, Upper Hutt
  • 100 Main Street, outside Court House, Upper Hutt
  • 122 Main Street corner Station Rd, Upper Hutt
  • 20 Station Crescent, payphone at Upper Hutt Railway Station, Upper Hutt

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