Croft Funeral Home - Founding Supporter

We are extremely proud to give our support to such a great community initiative.

Croft Funeral Home has been based in the Hutt Valley since the early 1900s, serving the community from Upper Hutt through to Wellington and is familiar to many people living in the Valley.

We see supporting Hutt360 as a great way to give back and support the local community. We know that strong community connections and good support are so important for people's health and well-being, not only in sad times but in happy times as well. Hutt360 is such a fantastic resource to help members of the community connect with one another.

Life is for living and Hutt360 certainly celebrates this in an informative and at times, humourous way. We hope you all enjoy Hutt360 and find plenty of new things to do and see, celebrating your lives with one another and appreciating what our wonderful community has to offer.

Robert Sinclair
Croft Funeral Home

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Robert Sinclair
  Helen Renor
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  Kylie Rau
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